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Levitra is recommended to men figured out with erectile disorder. It has been discovered that very high levels of an element called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) give for a sturdy erection of the penis. Levitra functions by preventing the deterioration of cGMP, to make sure that the erection could be preserved for longer. The typical dose of this drug is 10 mg taken no more compared to as soon as a day before sex. It generally takes Levitra regarding an hour to have full effect and some sex-related stimulation is called for to obtain an erection.

Follow you physician's suggestions and stay away from consuming meals or beverages that might connect with Levitra, For occasion, high-fat meals can prevent the medicine from being effectively absorbed, while consuming grapefruit juice or other grapefruit products is understood to connect with Levitra's active component (vardenafil). You really need to review your eating behaviors with your doctor to ensure the therapy is efficient. In some instances you could experience light adverse effects of Levitra, including runny nose, problem, lightheadedness, belly upset, stale nose, flushing or queasiness. A lot more seldom mentioned side effects consist of blurred vision, light sensitivity, eyesight modifications. If the impacts discussed above appear or linger to be annoying call your doctor when feasible.

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